Ok,  so you have all heard about the Cobbler right? You know, the part about his kids having no shoes.  So I’m sorta feeling like the cobbler when it comes to the condition of my yard.

On of the things our store is most known for is giving gardening and lawn care advice.  We take classes, go to seminars and read trade publications all of the time.  So I know how to have a virtually weed free yard.  Guess what? This is a picture of my front yard.  It wasnt always like this.   A few years ago there wasnt a weed to be found anywhere.

So how did I get to this point.  One year it was the drought,  then last year I was so entangled in the Springville disaster that I didn’t have time for anything else.

I have really felt bad about the conditon of the yard.  After all if  our customers saw it they wouldn’t think I had a clue about weed control.  I am getting strange looks from the neighbors too.  I am afraid the lady across the street is about to come over and start pulling.  She once emptied my mailbox for me when she thought there was too much mail in there so it is a possibility.  It is time to get it done.

Over the last few weeks I have decided that I am not the only one in this predicament.  Many of our customers have asked how to get a yard that has been let go back into shape.  I thought that I would share the process.

The first thing I an going to do is get rid of the bulk of the easy to kill weedsand prevent new weeds from germinating.  Since the weather is still not too hot I am going to spray with Fertilome Weed Free Zone.  It is the best weed killer I have ever used.  It wont get everything though.  There isn’t any one product that will do that.  Next I am going to put out a Fertilome granular fertilizer and weed preventer.  That will help the grass (Zoysia in my case) get healthier and fill in the gaps left from the dying weeds.  It will also keep new weed seeds from germinating.

It takes time to completely get rid of all the weeds in a yard.  There are many different varieties that require different treatments.  My plan is to start with the simple and move to the more complex.  I will share the steps along the way. I have sprayed with weed free zone today.  I will take another picture in a week to show the difference.  Then we will look at the weeds that are left and how to control them.