Every fall we have a flurry of calls from customers wanting something to kill lady bugs.  I never really understood the problem.  I always thought lady bugs were a benefical insect.  They are harmless.  Why would anybody worry about a lady bug.

I sort of got an idea today  when I took up the offering in church .  I always get to the back of the church before the choir finishes with the offeratory hymn so I just stand quietly at the back until they are done.  Today I was standing there and something sort of buzzed by me.  A minute later I got buzzed again.  I looked up at the ceiling and saw these black blobs on the ceiling tiles.  I also noticed some blobs around the windows.  I had to have a closer look so I sort of backed up quietly and looked over my sholder.  The blobs were moving.  They were lady bugs.  Actually they were Asian Lady beetles.