I made another skirmish in the battle to take back my yard today.  I sprayed the weeds with Fertilome Weed Free Zone.  I will put up the results in a few days.

As I was mixing the herbicide solution I decided to do a little experiment.  You know, anything to put off  actually doing the work.

We always recommend that our customers add a surfactant (High Yield Spreader Sticker) to their herbicide mixtures.  A surfactant breaks the surface tension of the solution being sprayed and allows it to stick to the plant better.

Notice in the picture above that the sray beads up and a lot of it runs off.  Only a small part of the leaf is actually in contact with the herbicide.
Notice that in this picture the solution sticks to the leaf without beading up.  All of this leaf is in contact with the herbicide.

I finally got the yard sprayed after I took these pictures and put up the camera.  Some strange looks from the neighbors though.  I guess it did look strange.  Spraying leaves and then taking pictures of them…