I got a lesson today in the common problem of overlooking the obvious.  It is so easy to make something that is  simple complex.

The church that I go to is over 140 years old.  Sometimes keeping a building of that age in good repair is a challenge.  We are always working on something.

This winter our utility bills have gone up dramatically.  I am not talking a few dollars, they have almost doubled. We have had this come up at our last two monthly meetings.  Many different ideas have been discussed.

We decided the meter was defective.  The company checked.  It was fine.  We thought maybe someone was coming in and adjusting the thermostats. I didn’t think this was too likely.   We had insulated a few years ago so we didn’t think that was the problem.  We never could come up with a good answer.

Today, I was walking around the building looking for fire ant beds to destroy with Results fire ant killer,  when I noticed some dried leaves blowing out from behind the air conditioning unit.

No wonder the bills were high.  It isn’t completely clear in this picture but there is an inch and a half gap in the duct leading into the building.  It was putting out a lot of air.  I went in the building and almost no air was coming out of  the vents.  So we have been heating the great outdoors all winter.

It never occured to me to actually go and look at the unit.  I made the simple complex.  What really got me to thinking was the realization that this isn’t an uncommon occurence. I do it all of time. From now on I am going to try to remember, when trying to solve a problem, to start with the simple.